Saturday, August 6

The Hub Marketing Board

Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the Hub Marketing Board will take place on Friday 5th August. The objective of this meeting will be to establish the pub-hub potential of West Bromwich and environs, hence a dedicated hub carrier bag should be collected in advance. Our esteemed chairman, Mr A. Lunn Esq will be in attendance with his D9 whilst our erstwhile secretary Mr WME will be taking notes at various intervals. Here is the agenda in full;

Members are cordially invited to meet at Smethwick Galton Bridge railway station just after 0900 hours (provided our chairman remembers that the 448 bus no longer calls outside the station). We shall then commence with a brief tour of Galton Bridge and the canal tunnels of Galton Valley.

- The Chairman models the hub carrier bag -

A short ride on the 87 bus will take our party to West Smethwick where we shall begin our investigations of Spon Lane, Chance Glassworks and Kenrick Park. If everything goes to schedule we may even be invited to examine the deeds of former pubs although this depends on whether Mr WME can raise the suspicions of passing motorists.

The main event of the morning will be a tour of the Birmingham Main Line Canal from Bromford Bridge to Dudley Port. This section is set to include Pudding Green and Albion Junctions whilst our chairman also plans on a surprise bit of ferreting around some bits of old railway and gasworks.

- The Chairman leads the way -

At Dudley Port efforts will be made to scrutinise the robustness of timetables on the 74 route – prepare to spot buses travelling in convoy. Our chairman takes no responsibility for the lack of the afore-mentioned 74 but does recommend a ride on the 644 by way of comparison.

The 644 should connect us to Harvills Hawthorn for early afternoon. There will be brief photocalls at the Miners Arms and the Beehive with canned refreshments being provided courtesy of the Hawthorn Tavern. We shall also be able to check on progress with the refurbishment of the Britannia and the closure of the local shops at St Vincent's Crescent.
Members are then requested to make their way towards Great Bridge with the suggested route being via the former Eagle Lane railway crossing. There will be a ceremonial burning of previous hub literature as the Wolverhampton Review gets what it deserves. Please note that flammable activities such as these should only take place within the controlled environment of the Walsall Canal towpath and that high-visibility bald spots should be worn at all times.

- A fitting end for the Wolverhampton Network Review -

Points of interest at Great Bridge will include a Twinings Tea advert on the side of the market followed by a trail along the old canal towards the Tame Bridge pub. This will be followed by a bonus visit to the Great Bridge Hub on Sheepwash Lane.

- The Great Bridge Hub -

We are scheduled to arrive at the Royal Oak on Whitehall Road at 1400 hours where there will be liquid refreshment within the surroundings of a West Bromwich Albion pub. Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters of a nervous disposition may best be advised to hide their wallets (contact Mr Mark Wood Esq for advice on how to do this).

We shall also be stopping at Ryders Green where members might like to partake in chips at the canal junction. The Eight Locks pub has made its patio available for our ‘Guess the Beer’ competition (Guinness, Worthington’s and Boddingtons can already be ruled out as potential answers).

- The Chairman sets a shining example at Ryders Green -

The programme then switches to Black Lake for a survey of the railway remains at Swan Lane. There will be the opportunity for recreational exercise if we have to run for the 428 bus. Our next call is due to be the Three Horseshoes at Hill Top where we are informed that French-style cartoons will be laid on for our entertainment.

- The Three Horseshoes -

Our esteemed chairman then plans to oversee a ramble through Hateley Heath during which we will view the former Menzies High School. There should be plenty of time to sample the old closet at Stone Cross as personally recommended by the said Mr Lunn Esq.

- Scrutiny of the Stone Cross closet -

The Evening Engagements Committee has been hard at work and have presented to us a shortlist of venues where we are expected to attend en route back to West Bromwich. These include the Royal Oak (the HPA hub), the Horse & Jockey (the Old Empire hub) and the Crown & Cushion (the Tribute hub).

- Hub Meeting at the Royal Oak -

Those with a delicate bladder disposition will be catered for by the closet at Dartmouth Park. Unfortunately due to dog-walking requirements, the Churchfield Tavern may have to lock its doors before we are able to gain entry although this will be noted in red ink in the next edition of the Board's minutes.

A short examination of West Bromwich land clearance zones will precede two late additions to this agenda. At the request of the Carters Green Sub-Committee (Clock Division) our attendance has been requested at both the Old Hop Pole and the Wheatsheaf.

- The Wheatsheaf, Carters Green -

The meeting shall conclude at 1900 hours although Wolverhampton-based members may choose to join the secretary for jazz at the Trumpet in Bilston. All members are strongly urged to ensure that full Hub Marketing regalia is worn throughout and that all bald spots are appropriately polished.


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