Sunday, February 11

Testing Testing

Continuing the recent progress through into my later archive, I have now added another wave of test photos onto WME1 - this batch focuses on July 2005 and two trips in particular; a walk along the Daw End Branch canal from Aldridge to Brownhills, and a Rog outing to Coventry and Dorridge. Some pretty exciting pictures are emerging that could form the basis of a serious update, and therein lies the challenge...

After months of focusing closely on the older archive, I've got a bit out of practice when it comes to dealing with large volumes of new material. Suddenly, WME1 has had quite a growth spurt and I'm faced with a bulk of photos the likes of which I haven't had to contend with for absolutely ages - quite frankly, its all very daunting. My update work of late has revolved around slotting extra photos into established collections, a low-key fleshing out process that contrasts quite sharply with the large scale type of update that is now required.

I've got a lot to get my head around, reacquainting myself with photos I took 18 months ago and working out how these fit into the exploration tapestry as a whole. Some of the test collections are looking fairly huge (Walstest currently stands at 73 photos), and WME1 is now approaching the 500 mark once more. The photos offer tantalising potential, but there is a lot of tweaking and double-checking to do along the way so bear with me.

After a little period of apathy, I can feel the excitement and enthusiasm returning as I get in amongst the new photos. So far, I haven't yet harnessed the patience and discipline to drive through with any updates but I am working on it, and hope to knuckle down to some serious update action very soon. Keep those eyes peeled then!

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