Monday, February 26

The Return of The Rog Files

Yesterday saw the arrival on WME1 of a new Rog Files collection for 2007, containing a handful of photos of Rog and Woody from our recent Warwickshire outing. Its great to finally get the Rog Files moving again, as things had rather stagnated in line with the lack of new photos in general. The 2006 Rog Files still needs an awful lot of work, but I hope to keep the 2007 section ticking over a bit better. The good news is that Rog is still pulling his usual faces and Mr Wood is still battling his coat, so normal service might just have been resumed.

The Rog stuff came as part of a general update to WME1 that also involved some intriguing test photos from July and August 2005. Outings such as the Coventry and Dorridge trip from July, and the Tettenhall, Tile Cross and Kinver August visits are now having their photo potential released. I'll let things settle for a bit and then look to make some inroads as regards updates on the main WME galleries.

And finally, a quick mention for a little gem of an outing last Friday. Inspired by my July 2005 outing to Aldridge, I took the opportunity to get back across that way for a few photos, then retraced my footsteps along the Daw End Branch to Walsall Wood. The walk was topped off with a visit to Clayhanger for some fish and chips in the local park - all in all, a quiet, relaxing outing that was thoroughly enjoyable, you can't ask for much more than that...

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