Wednesday, February 21

A Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend at WME Towers, with a Warwickshire outing with Rog and Woody on the Saturday, followed by a family christening on Sunday.

The Warwickshire outing was a proper lads day out, riding around on the Stagecoach Warwickshire network and visiting a few pubs along the way. Rog had a bad cold, whilst Woody still seems to have an obsession with his coat judging by the photos I ended up with. Here are a few personal highlights...
  • A ride on the Birmingham StationLink from Snow Hill to New Street , calling at the Digbeth Coach Station
  • The 86: An interesting ride from Coventry to Rugby, a look at Gosford Green and a loop of the estate at Wolston
  • Rugby: The Rupert Brooke pub for lunch, and a few bus photos at Clifton Road
  • Stratford: A useful photo session - Bridge 69, the Pen & Parchment, buses on Bridge Street. Plus a comedy moment from Woody when we visited the pub - he took a wrong turning looking for the toilet and nearly ended up in the kitchen!
  • The 18: Darkness sets in as we head from Stratford to Warwick via Wellesbourne
  • Warwick: Arrived to find the shops had all closed, but the Rose & Crown was open. There was also a nice little bus station that may be a good location for future bus photos

I did enjoy the outing, and its given me some intriguing ideas for future outings. The Woody trips always provide a tantalising glimpse of places rather than an in-depth exploration of them, thus laying the foundations for a return at a later date

If Saturday was a day for friends, Sunday was all about family. Baby Ezekiel was being christened, hence a lovely service at Short Heath Church followed by a celebratory party at the Homestead pub on Lodge Farm estate. Those particular areas of Walsall hold many childhood and family memories for me, and it was great to add to these further - and Ezekiel seemed to enjoy himself, that baby has personality! A great weekend, here's hoping for more to come...

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