Wednesday, February 14

More Sandwell Stuff

A handful of new photos have this morning been added to WME Sandwell.

The Smethwick Galton Bridge collection gets three more train photos, all from my Langley Green outing in May 2005. This makes for 6 Galton Bridge train photos in all, reflecting the fact that station is one of my favourite spots for getting pictures of the Class 150 Sprinters. Useful stuff, and there are more trains to come - including one already waiting in Sandtest - but I am concerned that the collection is becoming all trains and not much else. I'll have to dig out some station or platform views to try and provide more balance in future.

Next, and the Langley Green Station collection has received its own train photo in the shape of a Class 150 heading to Dorridge. The collection was launched some time ago with 2 starter photos and then basically forgotten about, so its good to get some new content feeding through. There should be more to follow, as I have a series of station views waiting in Sandtest - I just need to do a few checks on them and then they should be ready to go.

Finally, there's an addition to Exploring Tipton, showing the plaque on the statue of the Tipton Slasher. My photo of the statue itself didn't come out that clearly, so hopefully the plaque will suffice for now. The photo brings back a memory anyway, as Rog and I had our lunch by the statue when we visited Tipton in June 2005. Indeed, the photos I got of Tipton that day were a welcome relief after a less than successful morning struggling to get photos of Northway, Sedgley and Dudley. Another useful addition then, and its nice to make mention of a local personality.

Overall and its another small update, following on nicely from the sprinkling of updates earlier in the week. I just want to keep things ticking over, picking up the odd photo here and there for full inclusion and seeing where that gets me. I think at some stage I'm going to have to get really stuck in and clear the decks properly - but not just yet...

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