Friday, December 21

Stripped off and raring to go!!

Well, we seem to be hurtling towards Christmas at quite a pace now, and beyond that 2008 will be upon us. In preparation, WME has been slimming down ready for the festive period and a big effort next year to stay slimline whilst ensuring a steady supply of updates.

As such, WME1 has been on a crash diet where I have concentrated on whittling down the collections to the bare bones. There have been a fair few deletions, along with a prolonged series of gallery updates that has taken me right through to this lunchtime. The upshot of this is that WME1 is now very skeletal in nature - there are a few more updates left to make, predominantly on WME Staffordshire and Exploration Extra, with the remaining photos being those that I haven't got home collections for yet.

I have been concerned for some time now that things haven't been moving as quickly as I'd like on the WME front - photos have tended to become bogged down in WME1, and I rarely if ever got my most recent photos into the mix. This simply had to change, and come 2008 I will hopefully be drawing upon my whole archive (including any 2008 photos) and updating the galleries in a more organised fashion.

So, WME1 is indeed stripped off and ready to go, hoping for a sprightly and athletic new year where I can hopefully leave behind the technical problems and general sluggishness with which 2007 seems to have been afflicted.

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