Thursday, December 13

Another landmark in the bag

Only a little update today, but it was enough to bring about the latest in the mad rush of WME landmarks. Yes, WME Dudley has reached the dizzy heights of 150 photos, thanks to a couple of photos of trains at Stourbridge Junction. A few of my galleries are starting to bulk out nicely now, so the improved diet of more photos of late seems to be doing the trick.

No landmarks to report on the other WMEs, but still some useful additions. WME Wolves and WME Brum both see some update action, but perhaps the most significant new arrival is on WME Walsall - only one photo, but it heralds the first new rail content on the gallery for over a year. Take a bow 'Train at Walsall Station (2)'! And yes, it really has been 12 months or more since I last allowed a new rail-related shot to sneak through on WME3.

Well that's your lot for the time being, meaning I have now shifted 86 photos off WME1 and onto their new home galleries over the last month. WME1 is already looking leaner and meaner, ready for an injection of new photos at the beginning of 2008. You have been warned...

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