Friday, December 21

WME's Diet Log continued

I made mention of recent updates in my last post without actually filling you in on the gory details - it's not like me to miss out on a chance of boring you with such matters, so if you thought you'd escaped you're wrong!!

Most of the updates have been little odds and ends, fleshing out existing collections and generally being quite insignificant. There have been a couple of notable developments though, particularly with regard to WME Worcestershire, which can now boast its first proper canal content in the form of a Staffs & Worcs collection containing two Stourport photos. Also on the subject of the Staffs & Worcs, there's news from WME Staffordshire that further photos of Awbridge and The Bratch have appeared, along with a neat little series of photos showcasing Bumblehole Lock.

We have further rail content on WME Walsall thanks to another train at Walsall and a Bloxwich North platform view; WME Coventry has a further Tile Hill Station photo; there's a new Exploring Langley & Langley Green collection on WME Sandwell featuring two shots of the Bridge pub; and progress on WME Warwickshire with a couple of train photos for Stratford Station, and a couple of additions to the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal for good measure.

A busy time in the run-in to Christmas - a nice spread of updates where most galleries have received a little bonus for the festive period...

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