Monday, November 29

WME Update Digest: November 2010

November got off to a flying start thanks to those aforementioned landmarks for WMEs Wolverhampton and Dudley, but what did the rest of the month have to offer?

Well for starters we have another little milestone to celebrate as WME Shropshire has crept tantalisingly past the 50 photo mark. Every little helps as they say, and in this case the all important extra content came courtesy of two new collections. Exploring Kemberton takes a quick look at a small village near Shifnal by offering a village map and the pub sign for the Masons Arms, whilst Exploring Boscobel takes us into Civil War country with views around Boscobel House and White Ladies Priory. It's actually very rare for my Salopian gallery to receive so much all at once so make the most of it whilst you can!

Elsewhere we find that WME Dudley is still vying for our attention. Not satisfied with its latest milestone, the gallery has also taken delivery of two new local collections. First is Exploring Norton, which provides a snapshot of an estate near Stourbridge by featuring launch photos of the Greyhound pub and the Norton Covert beauty spot, then we have Exploring Woodsetton with its brace of views of the Bramford Arms pub. It's all constructive stuff as a little bit more of the borough gradually falls into place.

A furtive glance now at WME Worcestershire, which didn't want to be outdone on the new collections front and thereby offers Exploring Cofton Hackett by way of contribution. My selection here currently includes two views of the site of the former branch library plus a leafy shot looking down Groveley Lane. Poor old Worcs had been feeling a bit neglected so this is very much a step in the right direction.

Finally we have our stragglers. Bringing up the rear this month are Exploration Extra, where a couple of Fleetline shots have pitched up on my BaMMoT October 2005 assortment, and WME Sandwell with it's solitary picture of route 82 calling at Bearwood Bus Station. All in all it's been a fairly solid month and it's now over to December to see if I can end the WME year with a festive bang...

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