Saturday, November 6

Landmarks Ahoy!

It's a familiar nautical yarn that the good ship WME generally encounters choppy and featureless waters whilst sailing on the sea of updates, but more recently there have been signs of hope on the horizon. Back in October it was WME Solihull that glimpsed the mainland by reaching its century of photos, and November has brought with it a brace of additional landmarks beckoning from the harbourside...

The first milestone concerns our lead boat, WME Wolverhampton, which is now celebrating having collected its 400th photographic passenger. Hopping on board as we approached that momentous number were shots of Whitmore Reans Library and Tettenhall Old Bridge plus bus station views of the side entrance and an Optare Scania on the 501 route. It was however a new collection that saw us crash through the all-important wave, so take a bow Exploring Blakenhall with your views of the local shops and the Kings Arms pub. 400 is a fairly hefty number to reach, and as Wolverhampton continues to accumulate there's definitely something for my other galleries to aspire towards.

Talking of other galleries, a glance at my captain's log reveals that WME Dudley is our second milestone-maker this month. In this case the occasion is 250 photos, a figure breached courtesy of additions to Exploring Wollaston (the Crescent Arcade shops and the Forester's Arms), Exploring Lye (a neat shot of the Hadcroft) and a Dudley by Bus picture of the X96 posing at Wollaston Junction. It's all good stuff to warm the cockles of your heart and again provides evidence that slowly but surely I am building a substantial record of the West Midlands and surrounding areas. At the risk of extending an already daft metaphor even further, I would suggest that these landmarks - along with the general swell of updates recently - have negated the need to man the lifeboats for the time being, although I have a niggling feeling that my combined WME content across all of my galleries is merely a drop in the ocean with much work still to do...

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