Thursday, January 3

Into 2008...

So it is that Christmas is over and done with for another year, and we now enter that bleak part of the year where the weather is useless and exploration becomes a matter of survival whilst trying to tease out what few photos are possible in the all-encompassing gloom - yes folks, welcome to January.

January has never been a kind month for outings in previous years - I tend to end up with grey, miserable days when I'd much prefer bright wintry sun or even a bit of snow. It all gets a bit depressing really, so my thoughts usually turn to staying indoors and trying to get something moving on the old WME front, although this can often prove even more frustrating than huddling for warmth as the bus I'd hoped to get a photo of drives off into the distance.

2008 looks like being no exception, so I've already begun WME work in the vain hope of maintaining my sanity until spring arrives. Before Christmas, I vaguely mentioned my plans to make a big effort come the new year to get some new content onto the galleries. I don't want to herald anything just yet, but I have put a few tentative test photos out on WME1 that will hopefully translate pretty quickly into a little smattering of updates.

Hopefully this should be just the start of a concerted effort to provide photos more regularly for all the WME galleries, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. With that, and despite my earlier mutterings, I will bid you a Happy New Year, and lets hope for some nice sunny or snowy days to kick off a year filled with fantastic explorations.

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