Wednesday, June 20

Healthier News

At last something a little more positive to report. Whilst my home computer is still sickening for something, there are some small signs of life - just enough to release a few more photos and provide a new batch of updates. Here goes...
  • Starting with WME Wolverhampton, and a useful few additions. Exploring Northwood Park gets some nice wintry shots of the park itself - I really think a bit of snow gives a place a wholly different atmosphere. A picture of Dunstall Park Bridge joins the Birmingham Main Line collection, and there's another look at the local park entrance on Exploring Spring Vale. Perhaps the most exciting update is that for Midland Metro, with photos of trams at both Bradley Lane and Loxdale - always nice to get some more locations in the mix.
  • A quick look at WME Dudley next, and only one new photo here. Coseley Station now has a train photo joining the existing views of platforms and station entrances.
  • There's a new collection on WME Walsall as the Anson Branch adds to the canal content of the gallery. I walked the remains of the branch back in December 2005, not a particularly enjoyable experience on a cold and miserable day but there you go.
  • Next up, and we have the first update in ages for WME Coventry. I must admit its the standard usual fare as far as Coventry is concerned - a train photo for Coventry Station, and a route 17 shot for Coventry by Bus. After a good three months without any new material, I guess any kind of update is most welcome.
  • WME Staffordshire has been ticking along quite nicely on a diet of canal and local related updates, and its the canals that again provide the thrust of the new stuff here. Bridge 16 is developing its own little portfolio of photos on Shropshire Union, whilst there's a nice view of boats at Great Haywood on the Staffs & Worcs- one of my better photos even if I do say so myself. Furthermore, we have a new collection on the Trent & Mersey Canal, currently consisting of a couple of views of Bridge 73 at Great Haywood - its not a canal I've explored much of, so there's a nice target for future exploration...
  • Finally, to our little toddler of a gallery in the shape of WME Warwickshire. A couple of new photos here with the Stratford Barge Lock joining Stratford-upon-Avon Canal and a view of route 19 calling at Stratford for Warwickshire by Bus. There's still a lot of work to do to bulk this gallery out into something that's actually worth looking at, but progress is progress so I shouldn't complain too much.

It's felt good to get my teeth back into the site after a while, and I'm hoping the home computer is going to keep holding on long enough for me to squeak a few more bits and pieces out onto the galleries. I can't make any promises other than that I'll try my best, so enjoy these updates and watch this space!

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