Wednesday, October 3

WME Flickr Focus: September 2012

This is the six o'clock news from WME. Tonight's headlines: expeditionary forces have spent the last month venturing down the WME photostream, looking for signs of life and seeing what new territories can be uncovered. We report back with their initial findings. In other news, attempts to create hubs remain ongoing both in terms of the Wolverhampton situation and the Sandwell Bus Network Review...

Straight to our main story and the attempts to navigate new reaches of the WME Flickr Photostream. Our reporter PW is live at the scene, so what is the latest? "Well, it appears that September has been another encouraging month with the mission venturing further into archive depths as the photostream continues to gain volume. I have been informed that a preliminary trawl of Staffordshire specimens has now been completed, and that the team are now starting to infiltrate the Worcestershire region".

This sounds very promising PW, what can you tell us about any individual discoveries the expedition has unearthed? "Well, from the Staffordshire sections there has been a lot of railway movement with photographs obtained of several stations including Cannock, Landywood, Rugeley Trent Valley, Codsall and Penkridge. The team have also concluded their investigations of the local contingent as first reported in August, hence the further settlements of Wombourne and Wheaton Aston have now been detected and landmarks such as Turner's Garage and the Vine pub have been mapped." 

Thanks PW, what information has emerged so far about the incursion into Worcestershire? "The details regarding this are still filtering through as we speak, but early indications are of some bus sightings, notably around an area known as Kidderminster. I am also hearing that the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal has resurfaced with a particular concentration on Stourport Basins. We are awaiting further clarification of how the Worcestershire project will proceed, but it is hoped that additional canal and local material will be collected throughout September. With that, this is PW handing back to the studio"...

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