Tuesday, July 3

WME Flickr Focus: June 2012

The meteorologists may well claim that June was a wet month but where the WME Flickr Photostream was concerned there were definite signs of drought. The flow of images became nothing more than a trickle as only 20 pictures were released from the reservoir...

Breaching the dam on a few occasions was WME Solihull where the new arrivals included a couple of train shots taken at Dorridge Station plus a similar effort from Shirley. I was very pleased to dredge up some of my favourite bus memories though, recalling the last showings of the Leyland Lynx fleet with photos of the 92 route at Kingshurst and the 99 at Lanchester Way. A couple of 37E's posing at Solihull Station completes the bus contingent whilst Marston Green registered with appearances for the local pub and shops.

Amidst the aridity there is however one hint of an oasis, even if we are talking of puddle proportions rather than a lake. WME Staffordshire has offered up some initial droplets to encourage new growth, hence we have five bus shots comprising route 2 at Penkridge, the 16 at Essington and the 4 at Cannock (all examples from my Green Bus Service archive) alongside the Arriva 765 at Lichfield and Travel West Midlands 535 at Codsall. It's hardly a deluge but it feels nonetheless significant to see some of my photos from further afield starting to leak through. My weather forecast for July? I am hoping that the photostream will get well watered although there are storm clouds gathering in certain (library related) areas...

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