Tuesday, August 2

WME Flickr Focus: July 2011

A quick calculation for you: 413 + 106 = 519, the number of photos I now have in place on my Flickr photostream as of the end of July. A decent month then by all accounts as it certainly isn't often that I manage to shift a century of images - lets dig deeper into the devilish details...

My photos are still entirely concentrated on the three collections, WMEs Wolverhampton, Walsall and Birmingham. Part of me wants to represent the wider spread of areas that were on my Fotopic galleries as soon as possible, but I am loathe to start spinning too many plates all at once. The current approach seems to be working in terms of getting stuff back online, but if you're hoping to see some of my old Shropshire, Warwickshire or Exploration Extra images it could be a very long wait.

WME Wolverhampton chimed in with 52 photos as its July contribution, not bad at all in leaving me with another 102 to resurrect. It was a particularly good month for Bradmore, Tettenhall and Northwood Park, all three local sets having now recovered the bulk of their initial contents. Of the missing 102 there are a good chunk of canal shots, bus photos and a few trains - I'm not sure whether absolutely everything will make the cut as I am having second thoughts about some of the older shots but we'll see how it goes.

WME Walsall hauled in a respectable 37 last month and now sits just 46 pictures adrift of the original 208 that were on Fotopic. Movers and shakers here included the appearance of Brownhills West plus Delves & Fullbrook along with general boosts for Darlaston, Rushall and the Walsall Canal. As with Wolverhampton, I have a feeling the last lump of photos will be the trickiest to get back online and there might be some that get filtered away into the recycling bin.

July was something of a breakthrough month for WME Birmingham as 17 photos resurfaced to push any Walsall content off the front page of my photostream. My running Brum total still only stands at 24 out of 330 though so plenty of work to do, but the inclusions of Hawkesley, Selly Oak, Cotteridge and Harborne are definite steps in the right direction - there's even been the occasional sighting of a canal shot such as Granville Street. Birmingham will be my primary focus over the next couple of months at least so expect to see more where that came from!

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