Monday, October 15

Handsworth and Hamstead

Following on from the Old Oscott adventure, my October explorations continued with a meeting with Mr SBI for a look around Handsworth and Hamstead - here are the highlights...
  • Amblecote - I was early for the meeting with Rog so I decided to have a little walk down into Stourbridge, giving me a chance to investigate the old Corbett Hospital grounds and get a closer look at the Penfields estate including the Ten Arches pub.

  • Stourbridge - the bus station on a Saturday morning, scene of so many photos during the Rog adventures and this was no exception with the 299 and 250 in attendance.

  • Train into Birmingham - a chance to catch up, discuss possible walks and have a look at the Dudley Real Ale Trail for some pub inspiration.

  • 101 - a ride up to Handsworth through the Jewellery Quarter and Winson Green. The route showed me a different side to Handsworth - leafy Grove Lane, a glimpse of the local park, the Uplands pub and the terminus outside the Cemetery by the Leveretts.

  • Handsworth - a few bus photos although a no entry sign was blocking the ideal shot, then a look at the Uplands before its off to catch the Outer Circle.

  • Hamstead - we caught the 16 down to the village for a look at the railway station and the 654 & 425 bus terminus, useful photos there. The Hamstead experience also included a visit to the Beaufort pub for a drink and some cricketing action, followed by some lunch by the station and we also popped into the rather pink Hamstead pub to wash the chips down.

  • Wednesbury - with a 406H and Metro shuffle combination we landed up at Wednesbury Great Western Street for a couple of Metro shots, then a short walk to the bus station for the connecting 311 to Stourbridge.

Another useful outing, Rog was in good form and the MP3 player was in attendance to provide the subtle strains of the national anthem at regular intervals as we came over all patriotic in support of the cricket, rugby and football teams, not to mention Lewis Hamilton. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day, here's hoping there's plenty more to come!

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