Tuesday, August 7

Some more additions...

Whisper it quietly, but the WME bandwagon is slowly getting back up to speed. My recent sprinkling of updates has been followed by another batch of additions - here's the latest news...
  • WME Wolverhampton - Warstones Library makes an appearance on Exploring Warstones, whilst there's a new Exploring Bradmore collection that currently comprises a couple of views of Bantock Park.

  • WME Walsall - two new local collections here. Bloxwich is a part of Walsall that means a lot to me, so the Exploring Bloxwich collection has a bit of extra personal significance. I'm quite fond of the starter photos for Bloxwich too, showing the blossom at King George V Playing Fields - its nice to include some shots of the natural world amongst the buses, pubs and trains. I can't say I'm as enthusiastic about Rushall, far from it, but the Exploring Rushall collection is also up and running with a look at the War Memorial and the Miners Arms pub.

  • WME Dudley - one solitary new addition here, and it should come as no surprise when I tell you its a bus photo taken at Stourbridge. The route in question is the 297, a route I caught with Rog once but which I would like to explore more closely. Despite the focus on Stourbridge and Halesowen, Dudley by Bus is becoming a burgeoning record of the local bus scene.

  • Exploration Extra - more photos from the 2006 bus rally season here, with an addition to the BaMMoT May 2006 and the creation of a new collection for Two Museums Day 2006. I must warn you, there's a milk float lurking in there somewhere!

And on that alarming note I shall bid you farewell - I'll stick to my policy of not making promises, but hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back with some new stuff (and maybe even another milk float)!

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