Sunday, July 29

A Light Dusting...

I should get this registered as a personal catchphrase really, for yet again it has been quiet on the updates front. With holidays and a Rog trip to divert my attention, the WME galleries have been on the back burner for a while - but there is now some progress to report, with a light dusting of additions to tell you about.

  • It seems ages since WME Birmingham was updated, but I hadn't realised it had been a whole three months(!) since the gallery last had a new addition to speak of - quite an oversight I must admit. Things have got moving again with the arrival of a new bus photo on Birmingham by Bus - a look at the 103 at its Woodgate Valley North terminus, a nice location with good memories from my university days.
    I've also added a couple of photos to the Northfield Station collection - a couple of station entrance shots that recreated photos from an earlier visit. I didn't realise it initially but these two photos have provided me with another WME landmark - whilst I'm quite used to announcing that certain galleries have reached a century of photos, I was surprised to find that WME Birmingham now has a century made up of just rail photos. This is the first time a theme within a gallery has reached the 100 mark, and I suppose it demonstrates just how much WME Brum is rail-dominated (mind you, there are a lot of stations to cover).
  • To WME Wolverhampton, and another bulky theme within a gallery. The 'Exploring' collections on WME Wolves are rapidly approaching their own century, aided no doubt by the new Exploring Penn collection I've just added. The collection has the usual two starter photos - a picture of the Rose and Crown pub, and a look at Chamberlains Lane to provide a glimpse of the old village. Just for good measure, there's a photo of the 543 at Castlecroft terminus waiting for you on Wolverhampton by Bus too.
  • There's another new collection on Exploration Extra, with the start of BaMMoT May 2006 with a couple of shots of EHA 767D. Old buses such as this make for nice photos but I don't really know anything about the vehicles themselves, so excuse the rather lame commentary (what do you mean my commentaries are usually lame anyway??!)
  • Finally, its WME Dudley where a photo of the Retreat Bistro joins Exploring Oldswinford.

Recent experience tells me not to promise too much in terms of further updates, so I won't. I aim to keep chipping away as and when I can, and any news I have to report will appear here - so watch this space!

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