Monday, May 7

Beginning the May updates

My recent work on the WME Archive has seen me delving into my photos from January, February and March 2006. Some of these photos have provided the basis for my latest round of gallery updates, whilst bringing back some great memories. A quick summary for you...
  • WME Wolverhampton: Just two new photos as a couple of park signs join the Exploring Heath Town collection. The collection now provides a nice wintry snapshot of the park as visited in March 2006
  • WME Walsall: Good progress here - firstly we have a new collection, Exploring Caldmore. I've got to be honest and say I didn't like Caldmore, its quite ethnic and I felt a bit out of place. Even so, I got a handful of photos with Caldmore Green and the local post office now finding their way onto the site.
    Continuing with the grim theme, and the Walsall Canal around Pleck certainly fits that description - my walk along the canal back in December 2005 was one of my most uncomfortable exploration experiences ever. I did manage some photos, including two shots of Woodwards Bridge that have been homed on the Walsall Canal collection. The collection had thus far been focused on Rayboulds Bridge and Top Lock, so its good to get another location in there.
  • WME Sandwell: Continuing the canal theme, but with thankfully less grimness, I've added more photos to the New Birmingham Main Line collection. I must admit that the photos go over the same old ground in covering Factory Locks yet again, but they show the locks in winter so there is some variety too. There's also a view of the towpath going over Factory Junction Bridge to add a new angle to the mix.
    I'm also pleased to report some progress on the local photos front, with updates to Exploring Wednesbury and Exploring Tipton. The Wednesbury addition is a February 2006 view of a park sign at Brunswick Park, providing some much-needed life to a collection that had become stagnated. Tipton meanwhile gets another pub photo as the Red Lion makes an appearance, adding further to a collection that I think epitomises what I'm aiming for with my local photography - a variety of photos that are slowly starting to capture the town.
  • WME Staffordshire: Another collection that's developing nicely is the Staffs & Worcs Canal collection - its really taking shape, especially as I'm now starting to add some content from the northern end of the canal. My January 2006 outings included a Shugborough walk with Dad when we explored the canal around Haywood Junction and Milford. From that trip I've been able to add two photos of Old Hill Bridge, a bridge which is a lovely traditional canal structure in its own right.
  • WME Worcestershire: To finish of this batch of updates, there's another addition to Malvern Link Station, again showing the shed-like main station building but this time from the platform side.

Its been good to get the galleries moving again after a little quiet spell. I'm encouraged by the photos that are coming through from the archive - they seem to offer plenty of potential for further additions that can only develop the scope and coverage of my galleries even more. Enjoy the photos...

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