Sunday, March 25

Pictures of Pattingham

With Rail Rover Week 2007 coming up, I wasn't keen on doing a big exploration last Friday. Instead I decided on a little ride out to Pattingham and back, giving me a chance to investigate the 517 route and get a few photos of one of my favourite Staffordshire villages.

The 517 is a good little route, only taking about half an hour all told and this includes obstacles such as The Holloway in Compton, not to mention speedbumps going round The Parkway in Perton. The terminus is outside the local shops and the bus then turns around by the church before heading back to Wolverhampton. Unfortunately I didn't get a bus photo, but at least this gives me an excuse for a return visit.

Pattingham village is also worth a look. There isn't much there, but enough to keep me occupied for an hour or so. There's a block of shops including a hardware store and a Stars newsagents, whilst St Chad's Church is part of the South Staffs Historic Church trail. The Pigot Arms is situated opposite the church and is part of the Amber chain, whilst the Crown is a more basic looking local hidden away further down the High Street. With a look at the local park and community noticeboards, plus time for a quick snack, I managed to get a good set of photos that hopefully provide a snapshot of a day in the life of the village. Above all, I really enjoyed my visit, setting me up nicely for some big adventures to come...

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