Tuesday, January 3

WME Flickr Focus: December 2011

It's time to tie up those remaining loose ends left over from 2011, so here's a little summary of what materialised on the WME Flickr Photostream during December...

Despite all the festivities, last month was still a constructive one with decent chunks of photography making their way back into the public realm - Birmingham alone contributed a healthy 50 pictures, whilst Dudley and Sandwell also reported solid progress. Focusing firstly on WME Birmingham if I may, and the returnees included Bromford Bridge (the Racecourse pub and that distinguished corner shop with all the barbed wire), Stockland Green (the former Stockland Inn and the local bingo hall), Kings Norton (the branch library and the Navigation) and Perry Barr (the post office and the former Birchfield Library). These local offerings were augmented by some rail-related features from the stations at Blake Street, Butlers Lane and Witton.

To WME Dudley next where our headline makers were the Northway estate (the Cabin pub and Sedgley Hall Farm Park), the Delph Locks (on the Dudley No. 1 Canal), a Diamond Bus 74 on layover at Dudley Bus Station and a walk through Coseley Tunnel on the Birmingham Main Line Canal. The canals also came to the fore on WME Sandwell with Factory Junction re-emerging for it's rightful place on the New Main Line set. Tipton tiptoed forward with a couple of extra pub pictures and Langley Green Station stormed through with a variety of views covering trains, platforms and the old station footbridge. Finally there were a couple of Metrobus shots for WME Coventry as the 10 parked up at Eastern Green.

So where does all this leave us going into 2012? Well my running totals are as follows: Wolverhampton 358, Walsall 163, Birmingham 152, Dudley 58, Sandwell 49 and Coventry 8, bringing about a grand score of 788 images. I consider this to be a good effort as I attempted to recover from the loss of my Fotopic galleries back in March, although it does leave a nominal 1571 pictures still in the hat before I even consider adding in brand new content. Now that I have settled in on Flickr I actually prefer it to the old Fotopic anyway - whilst I can't necessarily personalise my photostream I do feel more part of a wider community and the support mechanisms seem much more reliable. Behind the scenes I have uploaded my archives for Solihull, Staffordshire and Worcestershire so hopefully there will be further signs of life showing through over the next few months...

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