Monday, April 18

A D9 Ditty

This little ode is dedicated to the WARP crew and anybody who knew Mr Wood in his previous existence...

"The D9 was a bus from a long time ago,
It did all the routes Mr Wood used to know.
Mr Lunn is the chap who is going to teach you,
You need a steering wheel that's bigger than a pizza.
D9 Dave is on hand to collect every fare,
'Til he sees the next pub then he just doesn't care...

Emergency Stop!!

In the past Mr Wood was a real country rover,
Parking in country lanes just to get his leg over,
Beer holder at his side, he was known to get merry,
Which explains why one day he got lost on a ferry,
And his cab had a habit of being 'decorated',
Along with pub floors, so he was often berated...

Handbrake Turn!!

Rog and Paul come along to do their driver training,
So watch out for your ears if it ever starts raining.
With Andy at the wheel there are flailing elbows,
Whilst the clutch going in gives some very sore toes.
The starter button makes our suffering complete,
So beware of us filming there on the back seat...

Next stop driver please!!

Does the bald spot get bigger each trip that goes by?
Absolutely, just as Woody looks like Stephen Fry!
So with Worzel and Lembit and Dragon-by-marriage,
Not forgetting the bloke who worked at Stourbridge Garage,
You never know next time you're out on the bus,
If you're unlucky you might bump into us!

All Change, all change!!"

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  1. Mr WME is a poet and he doesn't know it!!

    Now get back to doing some work