Thursday, November 15

More Exploration Action

A couple of recent outings to tell you about...

Firstly an outing with Rog last Saturday, and a circular walk from Stourbridge to Hagley and back. The walk took us through Oldswinford and Pedmore, then to Hagley Station before lunch and a pint in Hagley Village. After a little loop of Clent, we returned to Pedmore via Wychbury Hill and finished the afternoon off with visits to the Foley Arms in Pedmore and the Cross at Oldswinford. We reckon we walked about 8 or 9 miles all told, and got some useful photos and some not so useful blisters!

This was followed with a solo adventure on Monday, focusing on Great Bridge and Glebefields. Starting at Bilston with photos of the newly-extended 283 route, I moved on to Great Bridge for a look at the library and Sheepwash Nature Reserve. A ride on the 644 was followed by lunch at Tipton, warming me up on a cold November afternoon. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I then embarked on another walk - not as long as Hagley thankfully as I still hadn't fully recovered from Saturday's exertions. The walk took me to Central Avenue to try some 402 shots, then along Powis Avenue for a look at the Harrier pub and Jubilee Park. Then it was into the Glebefields estate for photos of the library and the Sportsman, followed by a chat with a bus driver at Princes End, the final leg into Rocket Pool and back to Bilston for more 283 photos. Another in the growing list of cracking trips I've done recently.

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